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I believe in the power of prayer. Every day I will pray for you until you are safe. This I pledge to do for the rest of my life in Jesus name Amen -

Nicole Catherine Spence


Over 21 million women, and children are forced into slavery worldwide.

The second highest crime in the nation.

Governments are turning a blind eye.

Every woman is some woman's child
Every woman is some woman's child

Rape is non consensual. When you buy a prostitute that belongs to a 'man' that is non consensual.

Be a prostitute or die
Be a prostitute or die

Photo depicts someone pouring water into the mouth of a female victim to force her to choke until she agrees to comply.

Its time to wake up
Its time to wake up

Child and adult abuse are in many forms, but trafficking is often the end result of child abduction. Perpetrators are rarely caught.

Every woman is some woman's child
Every woman is some woman's child

Rape is non consensual. When you buy a prostitute that belongs to a 'man' that is non consensual.



This website was constructed by Nicole Spence. Human rights advocate. 15+ years mental health experience with women in transition.


Return Jessica Heeringa to her family.
Return Bobbie Maples to her family.


Not currently accepting donations. This project is voluntary. 


We are searching for likeminded people who would like to join our team on a voluntary basis. 

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We are currently searching for volunteers to help develop this website. 

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FBI Arrests 150 In child prostitution sting.

With 21 million people estimated to be in forced slavery today you barely touched the population. However it is about time that you did something and I appreciate your doing what you have done.

Personal Note from the owner:

I don't know you, but I pray for  you every day. I pray that the Lord will bring you home. That you will have a life that is worth living, that you will be able to live free from fear, free from hurt, and that your pain will ease every day. I pray that you will be rehabilitated and that this will never happen again.


If you are addicted to drugs I pray for your health, your mind, your soul. I give my life to this project because I was once used.


To those of you who do not understand and possibly never will, there are larger things in life than the ice cream cone that you just ate with your children.


One day you wake up and your child is gone. The police are blaming it on someone they think you know. You search and search and search and eventually the people who helped you disapear. You have no one. Your life is empty and you have nothing left. You wish you were dead too but you can't die because you have someone out there that might still be alive and you  need to know the truth. You are truly empty inside.


This is a mothers reality when someone takes their child. People think that its ok to justify the things that certain men are doing to society. They turn a blind eye because they can not face it.


I will face it for  you. I will pray for it for you. If no one else prays I will do this every day of my life because I know that when the lord hears my prayers he will answer the prayers. Send me your prayer requests please. I walk with you all. The lord walks with those who walk with the Lord.


Nicole Catherine Spence - Human Rights activist, Michigan.